Ed Driscoll

The Birth of New Media, the Death of the Middlebrow, Martinis, and Mad Men

At the start of the week, Jimmie Bise of the Sundries Shack asked Steve Green, my partner in assorted satellite radio capers on PJM Political and me to stop by his weekly podcast, the Delivery. The headline above gives you an idea of some of the topics we discussed, but perhaps not the sense of how rapid fire the conversation flew. Jimmie writes:

The only real hitch in the show at this point is that I occasionally sound like I’ve forgotten my train of thought. I blame that on the Rube Goldberg setup we have to employ to run the Skype conference call through UStream that pipes me voice into my headphones with about a half-second delay.

Actually, I think it was more the case that Steve and I sort of hijacked Jimmie’s show, and I apologize for occasionally stepping on both Jimmie’s and Steve’s lines. But if you’d like to hear some politely anarchistic podcasting, tune in here.

(And don’t miss the latest edition of PJM Political tomorrow (Saturday) on Sirius-XM, with a link to the podcast version to appear here as well.)