Change We Can Believe In

As far as NBC and GE are concerned, Keith Olbermann can call Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly Nazis all he wants, but Keith may have gone a smear too far; the Rhetorican asks, “Has the Countdown to Olbermann’s Firing Begun?”


NBC insiders are starting to sweat Keith Olbermann.  But not because of Olby’s politics.  Thing is, Olbermann may have become a liability for NBC, literally:

Olbermann…went after former MSNBC general manager Dan Abrams Wednesday night, claiming Abrams had been fired and had a grudge against the network.

The tirade left NBC executives red-faced because Abrams, a lawyer, is still employed by NBC as a news analyst on legal issues.

Anyone who’s ever wondered about Olby’s smarts or sanity can now stop.  Never go after a lawyer.  Never.

Related: Add ratings poison to erratic behavior and you get this: “Word is that the folks at NBC are now looking for a way out.”

Gee, can’t imagine why:


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