"Spain Down The Drain"

John Hinderaker writes:

At Pajamas Media, Soeren Kern chronicles the sad case of Spain under the leadership of Socialist Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. The hapless Zapatero presides over Europe’s second-worst economy, with nearly 20 percent unemployment and a crumbling GDP. Zapatero and his minions have blamed the collapse on anything other than their own socialist policies, including–I’m not kidding–George W. Bush. (Hey, if it’s good enough for Barack Obama, why not Zapatero?)

Most recently, Zapatero has ordered an investigation into “whether attacks by investors and the aggressiveness of some Anglo-Saxon media are being driven by market forces and challenges facing the Spanish economy, or whether there is something more behind this campaign.” I think the order lost something in translation, but Zapatero seems to be suggesting that Spain’s problems are the result of a conspiracy by British and American newspapers.

It’s hard to have a lot of sympathy for Spain. Spaniards voted for a Socialist government, so they’re getting what they should have expected. We would never do anything that stupid. Would we?


Well, certainly not those living in one of Spain’s former colonies.


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