News From 1933

“Toyota: Dems ‘not industry friendly.'”

Gosh, who knew?

Meanwhile, in news from 2008, Chris Matthews is slowly — very slowly — discovering who the rubes are:


HELENE COOPER, NEW YORK TIMES WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: I think that, that is so much at the center of why Obama, President Obama is having so many problems right now. There’s he, there’s this fundamental belief that he can change, that the power of his personality and the power of his oratory can change people and that just doesn’t happen. There’s this over-reliance I think at the White House that if the President gives a very big speech, or if he comes out there, that his, that he can persuade people and he can do it. And at the same time you don’t have anything changing at the bottom of the way Washington works.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: He promised change, and yet what he said what the change was…

COOPER: But you can’t just do it with the power of your personality.

MATTHEWS: Well, we’re learning that.

Who is this “we” that Chris is referring to? The half of the country that that didn’t feel tingles in their legs in the fall of 2008 knew full well that a cult of personality wasn’t a basis to “change” a country.

Update: The Politico’s article on Toyota is deconstructed in depth by Tom Blumer of BizzyBlog.


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