Tina Brown: Obama "Got The Best Press Known To Man"

Scott Whitlock of Newsbusters writes:

Two prominent journalists appeared on Friday’s Good Morning America and casually admitted that Barack Obama has received glowing coverage from the press. Former Vanity Fair and New Yorker editor Tina Brown announced, “No, [Obama] got the best press known to man. Let’s face it.”

Howard Kurtz, host of Reliable Sources on CNN and a Washington Post columnist, corrected, “In the history of civilization.” The liberal Brown quickly agreed, “In the history of civilization, incredible.”


No it isn’t — he’ll get close to the same sort of fawning coverage in 2012 as well. This is what the media does — remember Evan Thomas saying in the fall of 2004 that media bias was worth 15 points to John Kerry and John Edwards? And dubbed the Winter Soldier and his philandering veep nominee “The Sunshine Boys?” They’ll then, immediately after the election, issue mock-apologies, phony mea culpas and worthless hand-wringing, and then go back and act the same way four years later.


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