Ed Driscoll

"Sarah Palin Was A Blithering Idiot Until She Became A Devious Genius"

That’s Ann Althouse’s take on how the legacy media covers the former governor and GOP vice presidential nominee. Of course, the same model was applied to President Bush: blithering idiot that up to a third of the Reality-Based Community believe destroyed the World Trade Center on 9/11.

The model of Republican=idiot dates back at least to the 1950s, when President Eisenhower — the man who helped win World War II — was considered an intellectual lightweight by much of the media. Reagan was thought of in much the same way. We’ve just witnessed eight years of similar coverage of President Bush.

On the other hand, in the Obama era, it’s gotten worse. Or as the Christian Science Monitor quotes Andrew Breitbart’s speech yesterday at the Tea Party convention, “Breitbart said reporters put all news involving conservatives into two basic buckets: ‘racism and Watergate.'”

Just ask General Electric employee Rachel Maddow, who reported on the convention as, literally, racists in “white hoods.”

Rachel, meet Antonio Hinton and Lloyd Marcus. Invite ’em on for an interview sometime!

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