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PJM Political: Of Super Bowls And Show Trials

Just in time for Super Bowl weekend, it’s a pigskin-themed PJM Political — at least in its first half or so:

  • From PJTV.com’s Trifecta, featuring Steve, Bill Whittle, and Scott Ott, a look at the “Tebow’s Tale” — the Super Bowl ad the left doesn’t want you to see.
  • From his Afterburner series on PJTV, Bill Whittle looks at what he calls “Super Bowl Democracy.” As Bill says, “In a country as huge as ours, representative democracy might be a crazy idea. But it’s so crazy it just might work — if citizens rule, not czars.”
  • From his weekly Instavision series on PJTV.com, Glenn Reynolds speaks with Marc Thiessen, former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, who believes that with Obama now at the helm, the CIA’s hands are now tied. And that America is, as the title of Thiessen’s new book implies, Courting Disaster.
  • Joe Hicks of PJTV.com opens up the Hicks File on James O’Keefe of BigGovernment.com, and the show trial the mainstream media have held for him. As the Beastie Boys would say, Joe’s going to set straight this Watergate!
  • If, as Hicks says, the MSM has had a hastily conceived show trial for James O’Keefe of BigGovernment.com. then the presiding judge has been David Shuster of MSNBC.com. Also taken from PJTV’s Trifecta, Bill Scott, Steve explore how Shuster’s rush to judgment has backfired badly.
  • Finally, from PJTV.com’s Post-American Bandstand, starring Alfonzo Rachel and its newest host, a man who hopes to parley his visit to the Blogosphere into a career in show business, and quite frankly, we think he just might make it someday. Ladies and Gentlemen, Pat Boone
  • Produced by your humble Blogospheric prognosticator.

Tune in here to listen!

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