Snobbery, Misanthropy At The NYT? I Just Can't See It

Greg Pollowitz spots the populist Gray Lady, champion of the working man:

From Sunday’s New York Times “Dining and Wine” section, on Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed salt content guidelines:

Packaged foods are an easy target, often so gunked up by chemicals that it takes a pile of salt to get any flavor at all. As for restaurants, the salt initiative seems to be aimed at fast-food joints, but salt plays an important role in nicer kitchens, too — the kind where actual human beings cook actual food.

So, if the guy who cooks my burger at McDonald’s isn’t an “actual human,” what is he?


As James W. Ceaser wrote in “The Roots of Obama Worship”, “What has made many Americans increasingly suspicious of the office of leader of Humanity is their growing perception that it rests ultimately on contempt for the people.” As does the media that created his myth.


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