Ed Driscoll

Truly, No Other Man Could Do It Justice

Through a little judicious editing, Cuffy Miegs presents Obama’s response to his State Of The Union address:

[youtube 7c9XklfcVZU]

Meanwhile, a reader of the Corner notes that Obama’s upturned jaw is made of glass:

Obama hates being ridiculed.

At 48:45 on the cspan feed, Republicans laugh when he says the freeze will start next year. Obama pauses, clinches his jaw, and adds the off-script line “that’s how budgeting works.” Then Democrats laugh back at the Republicans and applaud.

If you saw the fox feed, it was on the tight shot when he said it. I remember being struck at how angry his face looked, much like it did after Joe Wilson’s comment last year.

That’s his greatest weakness. Republicans should just start laughing at him and making jokes.

Why not? It’s worked wonders before.