Ed Driscoll

"Here’s Senator Scott Brown’s Wife In 1984"

As the Daily Caller notes:

She appeared in this music video for Boston-based musician Digney Fignus. It’s saucy!

As you watch it, remember: Somehow this is supposed to make you like him and his family less.

[youtube QLvwc3W_KwM]

But note the opening graphic indicating it’s a CBS Video — are we sure that was a font commonly available in 1984….

Update: Meanwhile, in more serious news about Brown campaign, John Hawkins explores “Five Memes Destroyed by Scott Brown’s Victory.”

Note Meme #1, and how quick both sides were to call permanent doom to their opponents in the decade that just passed. As Noemie Emery wrote in early 2008, “Lead Time –It isn’t what it used to be.”

Update: I must have missed the memo when both sides of the Blogosphere got funded by Jan Wenner. While the Huffington Post is busy analyzing the above MTV video for the eeevil semiotics what it says about Scott Brown, Glenn Beck sets the Wayback Machine way, way back, and analyzes the Beatles’ “Revolution.”

While this sounds like a worthy endeavor for study, Glenn may want to leave the musical analysis to others.

Maybe Ted Nugent.

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