"The Leader Of The Free World Is Talking About My Truck"

Hey, to paraphrase the late Victor Kiam (himself a well-known figure in the region, via his ownership of the Patriots), President Obama liked the company that made it so much, he had us buy it for him:


gm-logo-3President Obama flew in Sunday for a last-minute campaign stop for beleaguered senatorial candidate Martha Coakley. In his speech, besides the usual exhortations to the party faithful, he managed to work in several snide references to her opponent’s truck as a symbol of false populism. Coakley’s opponent, Republican Scott Brown, was flabbergasted. “Unbelievable,” he said. “The leader of the free world is talking about my truck.”

And one of his associates is now talking about Brown’s campaign:

Axelrod also said that there were “local issues at play” in Massachusetts and that the Republican had run “a very clever campaign.”

“As a practitioner in politics, my hat’s off to him,” Axelrod said.

On the other hand, as the very definition of  a party man, Axelrod is predicting a Coakley win. But without exit polls, either way, when will the rest of us know?


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