"We Cheated, And He Still Beat Us"

Blogger Velvet Hammer spots this passage in a leftwing (i.e. even further left than the Gray Lady-owned Boston Globe) Boston alternative paper:

The Phoenix:

In 2004, Brown won a special election to become state senator, despite the state Democrats scheduling the election to coincide with the Presidential primary, when Democrats would be flocking to vote for John Kerry. (As one Democratic operative recently put it to me: “We cheated, and he still beat us.”) Brown then won a re-match in November, on the same ballot as Kerry vs. Bush.

Via Kerry Picket of the Washington Times, who adds:

It should be noted that The Phoenix is indeed a liberal outlet. The paper, in fact, endorsed Ms. Coakley on Wednesday, so this article goes to show just how demoralized Coakley supporters have become.


I hope Brown’s loaded for bear this week. By the way, what’s up with the Coakley internal polls? Accurate info admist a flurry of too-optimistic polls showing Brown pulling away, or a repeat of this infamous moment from an almost equally charismatically-challenged far left Massachusetts candidate during zero hour of an election?

Update: More late-period gaffes from Coakley supporters caught on videotape: “Coakley campaign supporter/thugs definitely make physical contact as they attempt to intimidate a cameraman.”

Meanwhile, a very different group of hardcore Coakley supporters also aren’t feeling too chipper at the moment: “The Thrill Is Gone: Audible Gasps on MSNBC Set Over MA Bellweather Polls.”


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