Kabuki Theater Comes To Boston

Ann Althouse highlights this quote from the president’s speech on behalf of Martha Coakley on Sunday:

“Martha’s opponent already is walking in lockstep with Washington Republicans… She’s got your back, her opponent’s got Wall Street’s back. Bankers don’t need another vote in the United States Senate. They’ve got plenty. Where’s yours?”


Althouse adds, “The personal touch turns chillingly impersonal.” Perhaps the line doesn’t play very well because Wall Street had Barack’s back during the 2008 election, which he frequently forgets these days whenever it’s time to score cheap populist points.

Update: More kabuki: “Obama Bashes Scott Brown & His Truck– It’s a GM Truck.”

Meanwhile, “Kerry: George Bush drove a truck, too.”

Umm — so did John Kerry when he ran against him, as Tim Blair noted in late April of 2004:

“I don’t own an SUV,” claims John Kerry. And he’s right! The famous tosser doesn’t own an SUV; he owns four of them (five, if you count the Audi Allroad), and a whole bunch of other vehicles besides:

At last count, there were eight “family” cars and SUVs, including the 1995 Suburban (15 mpg highway, 12 mpg city), a 1993 Land Rover Defender (12 mpg highway, 10 mpg city), a 1989 Jeep Cherokee (20 mpg highway, 16 mpg city), a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee (20 mpg highway, 15 mpg city), a 2001 Audi Allroad (21 mpg highway, 15 mpg city), a 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser (25 mpg highway, 20 mpg city), a 1985 Dodge 600 Convertible (26 mpg highway, 23 mpg city), and a 2002 Chrysler 300M (26 mpg highway, 18 mpg city). Kerry, however, only owns up to the latter two.

Then there’s the 2002 Harley Davidson (his), two powerboats (one his, one hers), a power inflatable 2001 Novurania (his), and a Gulfstream II private jet (hers).


Hey, all that Jet-Ski and windsurfing gear doesn’t transport itself, you know.


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