Ed Driscoll

Well, It's Not Like Boston is A Big Catholic Town, Or Anything

And the hits just keep on coming:

WBSM Radio Host Ken Pittman: Right, if you are a Catholic, and believe what the Pope teaches that any form of birth control is a sin. ah you don’t want to do that.

Martha Coakley: No we have a separation of church and state Ken, lets be clear.

Ken Pittman: In the emergency room you still have your religious freedom.

Martha Coakley: (…stammering) The law says that people are allowed to have that. You can have religious freedom but you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room.

Or as Red Mass Group sums it up, “There you have it folks.  You should be denied a job because of your religious beliefs, because of laws dictated by the state. This is what Martha Coakley believes.”

(Headline via the hardest working imaginary manager in rock music.)

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Update: At Ace of Spades’ blog, Gabriel Malor links to the above soundbite and adds:

She knows that there are Catholics in Massachusetts, right? And other religious folks? And folks who may not be religious, but respect those that are? Eeesh.

Massachusetts is the second-most Catholic state. As of 2007 (latest year I could find data (DOC)) Massachusetts had eight Catholic hospitals, sixteen Catholic nursing facilities, and nineteen Catholic-sponsored organizations including hospice, home health, assisted living, and senior housing.

Coakley is an idiot.

Well, to be charitable, I don’t think she was expecting to have to put up a fight for this seat. Speaking of which, Jim Geraghty explores how the money pouring into both sides of the aisle in the race will play out on election day.

Update: The above soundbite is highlighted in this YouTube clip:

[youtube CJ-ZeLSZPc8]

Related: Big Journalism reprints what must be the understated  headline of the century from the New York Times-owned, Coakley-endorsing Boston Globe, which once again places its emphasis on keeping the left out of trouble, rather than reporting on news: “Some saw Coakley as lax on ’05 rape case.”

Read the whole thing — though not if you’re eating dinner.

More from Leon Wolf at Red State.org.

Update (7:09 PM PST): I’ll believe it when all the votes are in, and the lawsuits are settled, but the Boston Herald has a poll just out showing Scott Brown ahead of Coakley: ‘Brown-out’ poll shows Scott Brown trumping Martha Coakley.”

Brown is shown as being up by four percent — but I hope he’s keeping Hugh Hewitt’s famous motto in mind.

(H/T: Jules Crittenden.)

Update: Sissy Willis quotes a talk radio caller who says, “I know more Democrats who are voting for this guy than Republicans.” But for the sizable percentage of Brown voters who make up the latter party, that dovetails perfectly into what Erik Erickson calls, “The Story The Media Is Missing Because It Does Not Fit Their Narrative:”

The narrative, of course, is that conservatives want a totalitarian pure party with a purity test for the GOP. You want gay marriage? No way. Pro-choice? No support. For government assisted health care options? We don’t recognize you. At least that is what the media claims.

So the media has and is ignoring the alliance between left and right among the GOP in Massachusetts.

Scott Brown is not a conservative. He makes no pretension of being a conservative. He defends Romneycare, which most conservative have rejected. He is pro-choice. But he is for less government interference in the free market and less spending. Like Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, he is the perfect sort of Republican candidate for New England.

Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund is encouraging its members to support and donate to Scott Brown.. Marco Rubio is supporting Scott Brown. RedState is supporting Scott Brown. We, well . . . I, suspect he’ll give conservatives heart burn as New England Republicans do. But all of us know he is a good, pragmatic fit for Massachusetts. He’ll vote against Obamacare and he’d vote against a second stimulus. Conservatives do know, despite media and liberal Republican (called “moderate” by the media) claims to the contrary, that the GOP needs 51 seats in the Senate to have a majority.

Conservative and liberal Republicans are united behind Scott Brown. You’d think a mainstream media that has generated millions of words on television, radio, and print about conservatives demanding a pure party would take notice.

But that would shatter their whole narrative. And the last thing anyone wants to do at the next party at the Met or Sally Quinn’s house is mention the latest liberal friend in rehab or that maybe their group think on conservatives is shallow, self-serving, and vain.

And it’s all about The Narrative.

Update: In his latest op-ed, Jonah Goldberg adds, “Coakley may still win. But Democrats should be on notice: The fault for her sad performance lies not in the climate, but in themselves.”

Update: Maximum Pajamahadeen Roger L. Simon writes that Brown is up even further in a new PJM/CrossTarget poll. Still, a lot of dead people can arise suddenly on election day, and pace leading political commentator Bartholomew J. Simpson, they won’t be voting Republican.