Ed Driscoll

I'm Not Sure If I'd Give These Optics A B-Plus

At Big Government, Kristinn Taylor writes:

Richard Nixon had advertising executive H.R. Haldeman; Ronald Reagan had image master Mike Deaver; Barack Obama has public relations guru David Axelrod.

All three men understood the power of visuals in communicating the strengths of the presidents they served on the campaign trail and in the office of the presidency.

I don’t know where David Axelrod has been since President Obama began his ten-day Christmas vacation in Hawaii, but it is safe to say he is goofing off as much as his boss.


Click over for the photos, which very quickly sum up visually what TechPresident calls in a lengthy post, “The Obama Disconnect” — what happens when a carefully constructed myth meets the reality of actually having to govern, particularly in the midst of what the Politico dubs the “Democrats’ worst nightmare: Terrorism on their watch.”

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Of course, as the famous aphorism invariably (and apparently incorrectly) attributed to Trotsky goes, you may not be interested in war…but war is interested in you.

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