Today's Obligatory Andrew Sullivan Flip-Flop Post

Andrew in January of 2004:

For the Clintonites, 9/11 didn’t really happen. Everything the Bush administration has tried to do in foreign policy is perverse, neocon imperialism – despite the fact that Bush ran as less interventionist than Al Gore in 2000. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to them that this administration’s hard line against terror-sponsoring regimes and those developing WMDs was not some ideological plot – but a reaction to events.


But of course, that was before Sully’s great personal schism later that same year, which brought the world a new, if not improved Andrew. Yesterday, his fellow Atlantic colleague Jeffrey Goldberg wrote, “It seems lately that ‘neocon’ has become Andrew Sullivan’s term for any Jew who disagrees with… Andrew Sullivan.”

Meanwhile, as Goldberg writes today, Andrew has a modest proposal to bring peace in our time to the Middle East:

I’m not sure, but I think Andrew Sullivan just called for U.S. or NATO forces to invade Israel and forcibly dismantle Jewish settlements on the West Bank:

Any Israeli government beholden to these people will be incapable of making peace on its own. Increasingly, it seems to me, NATO or US troops will have to intervene on the border to enforce a separation and an end to these settlements for good and all.

I was previously under the impression that Andrew was opposed to further military interventions in the Middle East.


Heh. Perhaps off-again, on-again Obama advisor Samantha Power is ghosting for Sully from time to time.

Update: Or perhaps Zbigniew Brzezinski is sitting in these days.


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