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Dispatches From Copencheatin'

The Heritage Foundation wonders if the the final slogan of Copenhagen should be "Try Again In 2010."

Cuffy Meigs has an even better slogan -- one that was actually uttered there by someone sympathetic to the decline hiders: "So we cheated a bit."

Paul Kanjorski can relate.

Update: Boss Hugo has his own slogan for Copenstinkin': "It smells of sulfur here."

Update: Rachel Abrams of the Weekly Standard is succinct: "Copenhagen is Hell":

By the end of the first week the climate confabulation was in Marx Brothers territory. Today, as it comes to an end, it sounds more like the hellscape of eternal damnation in the right-hand triptych of Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights.

And this despite the arrival of the young anointed one:

Click over for yet another halo-above-Obama photo, even though such visual metaphors must seem increasingly purgatorial, even for the legacy media.