Is Dodd In Deep Sod?

Jim Geraghty mentions the T — for Torricelli — word:

In a very short time – just the past few days – I’ve heard a dramatic increase in the amount of talk about Sen. Chris Dodd being talked about of running for another term, and having some other Connecticut Democrat run for his seat, perhaps State Attorney General Dick Blumenthal or Rep. Chris Murphy.

I had initially thought this was the increasingly-standard “what if we tried the Torricelli maneuver” chatter that follows incumbents who poll poorly; New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine heard some of this earlier this year. But with the Cook Political Report speculating that Dodd is “unelectable,” perhaps you’ll see various Democratic forces aligning – the White House, Harry Reid, other Connecticut Democrats who fear a blowout at the top of the ticket…

Still, Dodd doesn’t seem like the type to end his Senate career quite so easily…


He certainly has a fine Irish cottage to retire to, when the time comes.


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