Ed Driscoll

You Stay Classy, Chris

As spotted by Ace, “Chris Matthews: West Point an ‘Enemy Camp’ Full of ‘Rabble.'” Just MSNBC the moral equivalence!

[youtube sTbJcixsLq8]

Ace adds:

Outrageous? I didn’t think so until he poured on further contempt of the troops by stating that Paul Wolfowitz used to go to West Point to “rabble-rouse” — our troops being the “rabble.”

So the “enemy camp” thing I took in a You know what he means way.

And then he had to follow that up with “rabble-rouse.” Rouse up the ignorant, wild-eyed rabble. Of West Point.

Meanwhile, in a classic “who are the rubes” moment, on Sunday, Noel Sheppard spotted Matthews comparing Obama to Neville Chamberlain.

Chris, the starboard half of the Blogosphere is waaaay ahead of you on that one.

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Update: Last week: Hide the Decline. This Week: Count the Sheep!

Update: From Mary Katharine Ham: “Family Guy spoofs Chris Matthews: ‘My forehead, my rules.'”

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