Ed Driscoll

"The Political Violence You Won't Hear About"

Mary Katharine Ham explores the violence inherent in the (leftwing) system:

One of two women pleads out in an altercation they started with a 69-year-old pro-life activist:

The case began when the two women approached anti-abortion advocate Johnny Wallace, 69. Wallace had been standing in front of City Hall with a billboard sign espousing his views on abortion.

Witnesses told police that the two women approached Wallace and began to try to take and destroy the sign he was holding. Wallace had to physically restrain the women. Minor injuries were reported.

Oh, and remember the wall-to-wall coverage the media gave the possible political motivations of the shooter who fired at Lou Dobbs’ house? And, the imminent destruction of this great country by his ilk? Yeah, I don’t either.

But there were some nifty late-night jokes about the politically-motivated shooting of a news anchor’s house. Har-dee-har, right? First, the “Lou Dobbs is a RAAAAACIST, so it’s funny when he gets shot at” approach:

“Now everybody’s fine, but CNN’s Lou Dobbs recently had to call the police because someone fired shots at his home. Yeah. Dobbs said he didn’t see or hear the shooter, but described him as Hispanic.” –Conan O’Brien

Then, the “Come on, isn’t he kind of asking for it with his political views” approach:

Fallon:CNNs Lou Dobbs sez shots were fired at his home recently.Good news: Police have narrowed down the suspects to 1 of 50 million Latinos

Ha, almost as funny a a couple of women attacking an elderly man for carrying a sign! Laugh riot, that.

And then there’s this clip, found via John Hawkins’ Viral Footage Website:

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