Ed Driscoll

Scozzafava For Owens?

Last month, Mark Steyn wrote that Dede Scozzafava “isn’t RINO but DIABLO – Democrat In All But Label Only.”

The Hotline notes that she’s doing her damnedest to make it official:

Two tidbits from today’s papers give us an indication of where Assemb. Dede Scozzafava (R), who left the NY-23 special election yesterday, wants her supporters to go on 11/3. And, not shockingly, it’s not accountant Doug Hoffman (C).

First, in a Watertown Daily Times‘ editorial switching its endorsement from Scozzafava to atty Bill Owens (D), the Daily Times notes that Scozzafava “began to quietly and thoughtfully encourage her supporters to vote for” Owens after her withdrawal announcement 10/31.

And, according to the New York Post, Scozzafava’s husband — Central Labor Council pres. Ron McDougall — wholeheartedly endorsed Owens late last p.m. McDougall: “As a life-long labor activist, I know that Bill Owens understands the issues important to working people. On the other hand, Doug Hoffman has little regard for the interests of workers. Hoffman’s opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act, coupled with his support for the failed policies of the Bush Administration make him a poor choice to serve the citizens of the 23rd Congressional District.”

That ad that the Politico blew a gasket over last week seems increasingly on the mark:

Update: “Dede’s Revenge: She’s Privately Pushing Owens”; found via New York resident Judith Weiss who adds, “All her ads here say ‘progressive’ not GOP.”