Ed Driscoll

Media Incestuousness At Its Zenith

Boy, Who Do You Have to Sleep With To Get That Column Published? Oh, Wait”, asks Jim Geraghty:

I really enjoy the PolitickerNJ site, but sometimes I read columns like this one, that conclude:

Horror films, like this year’s governor’s race, are a chilling reminder that we are vulnerable n our own homes, that trusting strangers can be very dangerous, even those strangers who appear to be the perfect father or husband-to-be.  In the end, the election promises to be a nail biter and, like any good film, has a plot twist.  The “law and order” candidate who was supposed to save the state from economic ruin and charge forcefully to victory is recast as the menacing villain.  As he trudges across what many believed to be his opponent’s political grave, a hand reaches up through the dirt, and grabs his ankle.  Whether that hand is Daggett’s or Corzine’s or Obama’s, we don’t know.  But, at the end of the movie, a bruised but still breathing Corzine walks the State House halls for four more years.


… and I think, “man, who wrote this, Jon Corzine’s girlfriend?”

And then I see the byline “Carla Katz”, and I realize, “oh, it’s just his ex-girlfriend.”



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