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Barry Rubin writes, “White House on Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing–Can’t Remember Who Murdered 241 Americans:”

The White House has just released a very routine but still quite disturbing declaration by President Barack Obama. And it goes like this:

“On the anniversary of the attack on the U.S. Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, we remember today the 241 American Marines, soldiers, and sailors who lost their lives 26 years ago as the result of a horrific terrorist attack that destroyed the Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. The military personnel serving in Beirut were there to bring peace and stability to Lebanon after years of internal strife and conflict. The murder of our soldiers, sailors, and Marines on this day on 1983 remains a senseless tragedy….In remembering this terrible day of loss, we are at the same time hopeful that a new government in Lebanon will soon be formed. We look forward to working with a Lebanese government that works actively to promote stability in the region and prosperity for its people.”

The problem is not so much the wording of the declaration but the context in which it’s issued. After all, the president of the United States has access to U.S. intelligence. And U.S. intelligence knows:

–That the bombing was carried out by cadre of Hizballah under the guidance of Syria and Iran.

–Today, attacks are being carried out against U.S. military personnel in Iraq under the guidance of Syria and Iran, and

–Iran is trying to stage such attacks in Afghanistan.

–In addition, Iran’s current minister of defense was the head of covert operations at the time that these were killing U.S. citizens.

–Hizballah was involved in other attacks on U.S. citizens and servicemen in Lebanon.

–It is also the anniversary of the killing of three U.S. security agents by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip who the Palestinian Authority never punished and Hamas is now protecting. There is no apparent effort by the U.S. government to bring these killers to justice or to press the Palestinian Authority and Hamas to cooperate in doing so or to punish them for not doing so.

All of these forces, however, are left anonymous. No one is named for involvement in that “horrific terrorist attack.” And, of course the attack was not “senseless” but part of an Iranian-Syrian-Hizballah campaign to take over Lebanon and drive U.S. influence out of the region. In fact, it was counted as a great victory for these forces since it showed America’s vulnerability to being hit by terrorism–an inspiration for September 11?–and did succeed in paralyzing the U.S. effort in Lebanon. Ultimately, this lead to the withdrawal of the peace-keeping forces altogether, paving the way for Syria’s turning Lebanon into a satellite state for two decades at a great financial and strategic profit.


Michael Ledeen adds:

The bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut back in the 80s was noted by the White House, but there is no mention of the killers:  Iran and Syria, via their creation, Hezbollah.

Yes, it’s craven.  But it’s what happens when you put “the deal” in front of dignity.  Paradoxically, the president would have a better chance of making his deal if he regularly told the truth about the Iranian regime, and stood by the country’s people.  Airbrushing them out of major historical events only convinces them that they can get away with anything.

Yet another example of “Obama’s Improbable History.” Hey, he couldn’t be bothered to mention who won the Cold War when in Berlin last year; why should he bothered to remember who bombed the Marine Barracks in Beirut?

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