Ed Driscoll

Physical Graffiti

Graffiti is of course, vandalism of someone else’s property, but that hasn’t stopped many on the left from seeing a certain chicness in its destructive form. Time magazine has quite a round-up on the pros and cons of graffiti as artwork stretching from the mid-’60s through 2007, including a representative 1972 quote from an employee of the Philadelphia Art Museum:

There are still an estimated 10,000 graffitists on the loose in the City of Brotherly Love, and some people profess to see an aesthetic value in their obsession. ‘We sense that there is a lot of creativity in these graffiti.’ says the Philadelphia Art Museum’s David Katzive.

Something tells me someone like the above would-be sybaritic aesthete would quickly become a law & order kind of guy when viewing this example of graffiti, however.