You Threw The Bums A Dime In Your Prime, Didn't You?

Mark Tapscott writes, “Rolling Stone Report: Tea Partiers, Town Hall demonstrators too dumb to know they’re being used by evil rich guys”:

Well, isn’t that interesting – an Obamacare advocate and former health insurance communications strategist explains why all those angry mobs showed up to protest at the August Town Hall meetings. Those folks thought they were there because they chose to be there, on their own volition, but they were deceived.

Why? Because it turns out that the protesters were actually just a bunch of puppets,  unconsciously being manipulated by sinister hidden forces of evil Rich Right Wingers determined to frustrate health care reform yet again, just as they did when the heroic Hillary Clinton tried in 1993. And how do we know this? Because a former top strategist in the manipulation told a Rolling Stone reporter all about it!


That reporters’ boss was once considered, forty years ago, as part of a counterculture that was no longer interested in money and material goods. (I know, I know, but that was what they told themselves back then.) In 2000, he was reported to have a net worth estimated at “somewhere between $500 million and $750 million, with earnings in the $40 million-to-$60 million range.”


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