Ed Driscoll

With 140 Characters, You Get Eggroll

Your quote of the day, from Kathy Shaidle, who finds “Media Matters confused by the difference between Twitter and television”:

Now, Sanchez has around 113,000 Twitter “followers”, but even his 3 PM ET show on CNN must have more viewers than that. (Although at last count, FOX News has more viewers at three o’clock in the morning than CNN does in prime time.)

If the New York Times published its retractions inside, say, fortune cookies scattered throughout Lower East Side Chinese restaurants, would Media Matters find that an equally acceptable journalistic practice?


Actually, given the synergy between the above players, they probably would. Depends on the quality of the takeout, I guess.

Related: Greg Pollowitz fact-checks CNN’s remarkably lame fact-check and finds it wanting.

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