"Operation: Can You Hear Us Now"


In her Examiner.com column, Kathy Shaidle writes, “The ‘Tea Party’ is just beginning”:

Many “tea partiers” and 9-12 protesters were angered by the way the mainstream media misreported their big protest In Washington, DC held on September 12.

In particular, they felt that the media underreported the number of attendees, with conservative activists claiming up to 2 million in the crowd, while some mainstream media outlets could only bring themselves to report that “tens of thousands” had assembled in the Capitol.

In response to this and other examples of liberal media bias, Operation: Can You Hear Us Now? was born.

This coming October 17, activists will be rallying outside their local elite newspaper and tv news outlets to protest media bias against conservative ideas.

Here’s some information from the Operation: Can You Hear Us Now? website, explaining how to organize a local rally:

Step 1: Contact all your freedom-loving, American-loving, free-speech loving friends and get together to plan. Draw from your local Tea Party group or 9/12 group or other friends. Protest all things you did in D.C. – plus the complicit media!

Step 2: Identify local left-wing media outlets (most likely TV, since no one reads newspapers anymore).

Step 3: Plan a rally for October 17th, 2009. If you have enough folks, visit multiple sites concurrently, otherwise pick your least favorite, liberally biased outlet as ground zero. Time it for max participation for the working (i.e. tax-paying) class. Before the AM news or at the evening 6 o’clock hour might be good (local time).

Step 4: Use your 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech right outside their offices or broadcast locations.

There are now rallies confirmed for many cities around the country, with more being planned every day.

Visit the Operation: Can You Hear Us Now? website for more information!


Video here:

[youtube blRdOf8jQfs]

(Still photo at top of post from my video on the July 5th San Jose Tea Party.)


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