Ed Driscoll

The Agony Of Defeat

Hot on the heels of ABC’s Yunji de Nies counting Obama’s chickens before they come home to roost, a dejected fellow Obama cheerleader at ABC bails on The One’s home turf: “Chicago loses 2016 Games vote, and then Charles Gibson’s ABC ‘World News'”:

Summer Games, ABC’s Charles Gibson has elected to jet back to New York and anchor Friday’s edition of “World News” from there rather than Chicago, an also ran with Madrid and Tokyo

ABC News on Thursday had said Gibson was to anchor “World News” from Chicago as well as report a news bulletin from Daley Plaza when the 2016 host city was announced earlier at the IOC meeting in Copenhagen.

That plan was scrapped after Chicago was knocked out of the IOC balloting in the first of three rounds despite an appearance by President Barack Obama as part of the U.S. presentation.

Still though, with Gibson back in New York, I’m sure the odds that ABC will be breaking a big story on ACORN this week has increased exponentially!

On a more serious note, Fred Barnes writes, “Obama’s Olympic Failure Will Test the Washington Press Corps.”

That’s one global test, to borrow John Kerry’s soundbite, that the press badly flunked long ago, but it will still be amusing to watch their response.

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