Ed Driscoll

Wait, I Thought The Left Liked Whistleblowers

Time magazine dubbed “whistleblowers” the 2002 Persons of the Year. But don’t cross the streams! When the whistle blows from right to left, the powers that be are perfectly happy to smear those who point out their malfeasance:

time whistleblowersConyers and House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank of Massachusetts asked the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service today to provide an analysis on several aspects of ACORN, including any current or previous criminal investigations into the group; a breakdown of any funding received by the group and any violations of the terms of that funding; a report on alleged improprieties in collecting voter registration forms and “the extent … that resulted in people being improperly placed on voting roles and actually attempting to vote,” and the group’s programs to provide housing opportunities.

It also asked for a report on private sting activities “in which individuals have reportedly visited ACORN offices, misrepresented their identities and proposed activities, surreptitiously videotaped resulting conversations with ACORN workers, and widely distributed them.”

The letter went onto say, “Conflicting allegations have been made about the propriety of these activities. Please research and report on the federal and state laws that could apply to such videotaping and distribution of conversations without the consent of all parties.”

Man, I hope Conyers realizes that he can only dream of impeaching conservative presidents, not journalists.

Ace adds:

Keep f***ing that chicken, Barney.

Because, you know, Breitbart really, really doesn’t want to be on CSPAN in front of a government panel blasting them about media bias and liberal mendacity.

I mean — really. He doesn’t want that. So seriously, subpoena him. Make him cry.

And O’Keefe I’m sure is quaking in his boots, and Giles won’t look like totally adorable on camera, either.

So definitely investigate the people who brought ACORN’s lawlessness to the public’s attention. People just love seeing whistleblowers hectored and vilified by party apparatchiks.

Curiously, Time and the Washington Post, the former home of Woodward and Bernstein, would probably enjoy it the most.