Sign Of The Times

YCR20090912From his continuously updated Tea Party coverage today, Steve Green links to this image from the Capitalist Coffee blog and asks if this is the best sign yet.

It’s certainly a timely one — already the left calling everyone racist because they’re opposed to President Obama’s policies  is beginning to look increasingly silly.


And it’s becoming circular as well. This rant from Bill Maher’s HBO show last night, attempting to find a racist slur subliminally buried in the middle of a Drudge headline is merely the latest dusting off of the idiotic attempt to find a subliminal “Rats” hidden in a GOP ad in 2000 that mentioned Democrats, which morphed from an Al Gore press release to coverage in the New York Times and this BBC report.

Of course, when someone on the left is discovered who truly is racist (such as Van Jones, Rev. Wright, Robert Byrd, and numerous other examples), his racism is quickly explained away.

Update: Speaking of Maher, at the HuffPost, he writes, “New Rule: Democrats must get in touch with their inner a**hole.”

Maher’s been proving himself just the man for that job for well over a decade now.

Update: Newsweek takes the thoughtful new Obama-era post-racial mindset to its appropriate conclusion.


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