Ed Driscoll

Quote Of The Day

As Paul Simon might say, P.J. O’Rourke goes looking for America — and finds it in a NASCAR race in Charlotte, North Carolina:

What was the difference between the South and the rest of America? . . . There wasn’t any. The South is the rest of America . . . what we’ve had all along in this bizarre, slightly troubling, basically wonderful country — fun, danger, real friendliness, energy, enthusiasm, and brave, crazy, tough people. . . . Put us all together and we’re the biggest, baddest, best sons of bitches anywhere. . . . Nobody’s eating roughage, running marathons, and taking yoga classes down there. People still drink, still smoke, still have guns, and still believe in a personal God who listens to them. They’re not worried about the future. This country didn’t come from people who worried about the future. It came from people who whipped the future’s ass.

That’s the stuff! From O’Rourke’s new book, Driving Like Crazy.