Ed Driscoll

Nuance, Defined

Howard Dean, class all the way:

Apparently, libtalkers aren’t the only ones asserting that conservatives want Obama dead. After a week of reckless rhetoric from the left side of the dial, along comes Howard Dean to show them how it’s really done!

As Dean suggests Senate Republicans want to “kill the bill and kill the president”, listen for the former DNC chairman’s less-than-sincere effort to step out of the dog-doo. Is this Dean Scream Volume II, the quiet version?

Considering it’s highlighted on Drudge, I’m not sure how quiet this latest scream is.

Update: From zero to Yarrrgh!!!! in 5.2 seconds:

Ah. Calling opponents Nazis didn’t work.

So they went to racists.

That didn’t work.

So they went to fascists. (Yes, I know that’s a step back from Nazis, but they’re trying to see what works.)

That didn’t work.

So now–

If you oppose the President, you are a murderer and would-be assassin.

Jim Hoft believes Dean’s assassination fantasies are a clear case of projection.