Ed Driscoll

If Marc Ambinder "Were Any Easier To Spin, He'd Be A Dreidl"

Your quote of the day (so far) is by Mickey Kaus, found via a post by Mark Hemmingway on NRO’s Corner:

Regarding Marc Ambinder’s thoughts posted below, Mickey Kaus somewhat persuasively picks apart what he’s saying. Read the whole thing, but eventually Kaus declares — “If Ambinder were any easier to spin, he’d be a dreidl.”

I will say that, while I think Ambinder means well and there are far worse reporters out there, he kind of blew his credibility to analyze the health-care debate over the weekend on Twitter, when he wrote:

Do read Steven Pearlstein on health insurance reform. It’s a thoughtful, pro-reform, canard debunking piece.

When it comes to characterizing a Washington Post op-ed describing opponents health care as “political terrorists, willing to say or do anything to prevent the country from reaching a consensus on one of its most serious domestic problems” well, “thoughtful” is way down on the list of adjectives that come to mind.

Meanwhile, Stephen Kruiser spots more far right astroturfing: “Un-American Angry Mob At USA Today Corrects The President.”