Ed Driscoll

Don't Call It Projection

Earlier today, we linked to an exceptional, heavily illustrated post documenting “Nancy and the Astroturfers” in action. A new post by the Anchoress also builds on that post, and during the course of which, she makes a great observation about the left’s current meltdown:

What unconscionable dishonesty from Nancy “I-think-they’re-astroturf” Pelosi. Everything she and her party says they hate, they are. Everything they accuse the opposition of doing, they do. I can’t even call it “projection” because in truth, projection is often innocent and unconscious. There is nothing innocent or unintended in their duplicitousness. This is such breathtaking dishonesty that it makes Bill Clinton at his lying worst look like a piker, like a mere Tom Sawyer.

Read the whole thing.