Ed Driscoll

Well, So Much For "Live Free Or Die"

Libertarianism in New Hampshire? Dude, that’s soooo 19th century:

We’re still in the first week of August but it’s shaping up to be the hottest on record—politically speaking, that is.

New Hampshire Democratic State Chairman Ray Buckley is threatening to “muster” Organizing For America, the Obama administration’s political arm, while promising liberal Granite Staters, “you are going to see significant push back on these thugs.”

By “thugs” Buckley means taxpayers who have expressed discontent at recent congressional town hall meetings.

It’s probably for the best that books written before 1985 are being outlawed; they contain far too much doubleplus ungood crimethink for the proletariat’s own good.

Update: “Know Your Town Hall Mob Agitators!” Iowahawk has produced a handy illustrated spotter’s guide to make Chairman Buckley’s job a bit easier.

And watch out for that shifty-looking agitator in his peak-lapeled radical gray suit positioned ominously to the right of our own blog as well!