Ed Driscoll

Make Love, Not War!

“Report: Hamas accuses Israel of dumping ‘aphrodisiac’ gum on Gaza.”

(H/T: Jose Guardia.)

Update: Not surprisingly, Allahpundit is having lots of fun with this story. Here’s a sample:

If Israel really does have chewing gum that makes you horny, wouldn’t the smarter move be to market it and then use the massive profits to just buy the West Bank?

Chew on the rest, here.

Update: Patterico’s Pontifications notes this is one old story:

Absurd, but durable — Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Authority floated this story as far back as 1997.  And they lifted it from Egyptian tabloids in 1996.  For whatever reason, July is Zionist Sex Gum Month, in which the dastardly Joos try to pump up the population of those who wish to see Israel wiped off the map!

Talk about your chewing gum losing its flavor on the bedpost overnight over a decade!