Ed Driscoll

A Day To Remember

Duane Patterson, Hugh Hewitt’s “Generalissimo” writes:

In addition to covering all the news from the Sotomayor hearings, the latest in health care reform news, cap and tax and tax news, Iran news, stimulus spin and more, today turns out to be a day of note for the Hugh Hewitt Show as well.

Today serves as a reminder that we miss two dear friends to the program. Tony Snow, radio host, guest, White House Press Secretary, writer, thinker, dad, husband and all around great guy, succumbed to cancer a year ago today. Keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. He is certainly still missed.

Columnist, blogger and former Hugh Hewitt guest host extraordinaire, Dean Barnett, would have celebrated his 42nd birthday today. Even though his chowdah-thick accent and love for the Red Sox made me as an Angels fan out of Southern California instantly not want to like him, Dean’s energy, wit, infectious laugh and love of life made it impossible not to. I can hear the discussion with him now about what a disaster the Obama administration has been for the last six months. Please keep Dean’s family in your prayers as well.

But today is also a landmark as it is the first broadcast day of year ten of Hugh Hewitt Show programming. Hugh and I embarked on this journey at the crack of dawn, July 10th, 2000, and thanks to our friends and partners in the Salem Radio Network, we hope to keep navigating through the news and current events for another nine plus years.

In contrast, tragedy struck DC today: the TOTUS gave his life in valiant support of the President. Already, the conspiracy theories are rapidly emerging. A tragic mishap? A short circuit? Was the speech too much for the little metal and glass fella to process? Perhaps a dangling participle or split infinitive too many? An accident?

“There are no accidents in Chicago, my friends.”

Update: “TOTUS driven to suicide.” The ultimate inside job!