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“Intrepid CNN Newsman Anderson Cooper Stumped by Cool Whip”, Mary Katharine Ham writes:

I must admit, this is not the household item I would have expected Anderson Cooper to be unfamiliar with, but alas.

While filling in for Regis on “Live w/ Regis and Kelly” this week, Cooper illustrated that between partying with Michael Jackson at Studio 54 and ridiculing the protesters of the Tea Party movement, his charmed life just hasn’t allowed for the mastery of such items.

As you’ll see in this clip, it takes four attempts and the patient tutelage of Kelly Ripa, but Cooper finally gets the bottom of the toughest story of his career—the mechanics of Reddi Whip dispensation. As Dan Rather would say, “Courage:”


[youtube CMB8b9zqMus]

Meanwhile, in a post regarding the legacy media’s endlessly negative coverage of Sarah Palin, Red State spots another journalist (and tacitly, his editor) unfamiliar with a kids’ toy that’s been around for decades:

From the TIME Article – the set up the reporter uses to describe the scene:

“The other is a smoke shack for fish. Their catch of the day is hanging from a clothing line strung from the shack to a tree. The driveway is littered with boots, gray-and-red-tipped fishing socks, waders, scooters, tricycles and a green yoga ball with bunny ears for kids to bounce on.”

Green Yoga Ball? How out of touch with America is this reporter that they have never seen this particular toy before? Are you kidding me? And how does an editor miss this?

This reporter has never seen a Hippity-Hop… that is too much!


Keep these stories in mind the next time the legacy media dusts off this hoary old trope.


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