Ed Driscoll

The Reverse Of The Domino Principle

The Anchoress has an extensive round-up of links on Tehran, and notes that even the MSM has figured out that the fledgling democracy right next door is providing inspiration to Iran’s dissenters. As she mentioned in an email:

As with EVERY member of the MSM, [Robert D. Kaplan of the Washington Post] has to throw in as many disclaimers and digs at how poorly the Bush team did everything, but this is the core:

It was hoped that Iran would undergo its own upheaval were Iraq to change…it is happening. And not only is Iran in the throes of democratic upheaval, but Egypt and Saudi Arabia have both been quietly reforming apace.

(the ellipses, of course, omit more unnecessary Bush bashing that does nothing to highlight what is more important.)

Elsewhere, Omri Ceren of the Mere Rhetoric blog spots “More Reports Of Hezbollah Thugs Beating Iranian Protesters”; read the whole thing.

Much more from Judith Weiss of Kesher Talk on Twitter.

Update: Over at the Sundries Shack, Jimmie writes, “It’s Not a ‘Debate’, Mr. President. It’s a Slaughter and You’re Helping It Happen.”

Well, I suppose by the rules of Chicago politics and/or Bill Ayers in his Radical Chic days, the Mullahs’ crackdown on their citizens could qualify as “a vigorous debate in Iran”, as Jimmie quotes Robert Gibbs, President Obama’s press secretary.

Update: A Rift To Big To Fail?