Ed Driscoll

Le World Bizzarro

In “Sarkozy vs Obama on The Burqa”, Phyllis Chesler compares and contrasts speeches by Presidents Obama and Sarkozy concludes:

As far as I’m concerned, Frenchmen are back in vogue. Who could ever have predicted that the French president would stand up for women’s universal rights and for freedom as a universal right — while the American president would hang back, wait, temporize? It’s almost as if we’ve elected a Frenchman president of the United States — and an American-style president is ruling France.

The first half of that equation certainly makes sense; Mark Steyn was making a mental note last year to dub Obama “the first European prime minister to be elected president of the United States” if he won; and this month’s epic fail in dealing with Iran has certainly added to Obama’s Euroweenie mindset.

And speaking of which — the White House’s fourth of July invitation to Iran for hot dogs and beer is apparently still on.

(Via Tammy Bruce.)