Ed Driscoll

Hefnerpalooza Update

I thought with the last update I wrote last night on the original Playboy item, that I was through with that post. But this morning, Big Hollywood linked, and Pajamas’ editors posted a link on the front page. And Michelle Malkin linked, in an item primarily about Politico’s Anne Schroeder Mullins’ post.

Fortunately, Michelle took a screen cap of Mullins’ post, as it was airbrushed as well. Or as Danny Glover puts it,  “Politico Pulls A Playboy.” Read his post; there’s too much of it to excerpt here. And as Danny and Michelle have spotted, Caleb Howe of The Activist Conservative apparently has screen caps of Playboy’s original trainwreck from yesterday. Caleb’s server is being blown out at the moment from the traffic, but I’m glad somebody documented this shameful episode before it was airbrushed into history. Much like the 2008 Democratic Primary, and the election season that followed (see photo at top of yesterday’s original post), it’s helped to shed a glimmer of light on a remarkably primitive side to what’s commonly called “liberalism” or “progressivism” these days.

(Also posted in slightly modified form at the new end of the otherwise endless original post. There’s currently about 40 comments there if you’d like to break out your own hammer and tongs and join in the “fun.”)

Update: In “A Climate of Hate”, Caleb places the Playboy “article” into context with both other recent events and the 2008 election; definitely read the whole thing.