Rage Against The MSM

At Protein Wisdom, Dan Collins writes that the left are — as usual — seething. Only this time, it’s directed at their own media:

You can look around the blogosphere a little and supply your own links, or if anybody claims I’m attacking a straw man, I guess I’ll have to go and do it. Just for an example, though (and I’ve also read some and seen numerous tweets to this effect), NPR reported on their listener mail today and said that lots and lots of people were OUTRAGED that by giving ex-VP Cheney as much speech time as Obama, they had elevated what he had to say to the same level of importance as the Commander-in-Chief’s.

Let me explain this to you as simply as I can: Obama is the one who elevated the importance of Cheney’s speech. Cheney’s speech had been publicly announced in advance when ObamaCo decided that it would be a really great idea to pre-empt the event by bigfooting it.


Read the whole thing, then check out Lance Burri, who adds that rhetorical battles should be fought upwards; you don’t send the president out to debate a former vice president as was the case on Thursday:

That Obama himself is dueling Cheney at all – and never mind that he felt it necessary to “pre-empt” Cheney – speaks to an enormous lack of confidence. Either that, or it’s evidence that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Or, most likely, both.


Update: Jennifer Rubin adds, “Bad news on unemployment and a squishy national security speech reveal an administration totally on the defensive”, as “Roosting Chickens Plague Obama.” And Micheal Ledeen ponders the biggest question not being discussed by either man: “Cheney and Obama: the Great Evasion.”


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