Ed Driscoll

Air Obama Terrifies Another US City With An Unannounced Flyby

As Cuffy Meigs writes:

Unsatisfied with triggering post-traumatic stress among thousands of Manhattanites, the Obama Administration sets its barnstorming sights on, well, flyover country. This time they conducted an unannounced low-flying, suspiciously orbitting exercise over downtown Memphis:

Granted, it lacked that extra special theatrical touch of a military interceptor screaming after it in hot pursuit, but you know, it’s better to keep everyone guessing. DHS having the mysteriously sinister airliner linger like a bird of prey as it hunts for the choice target amps up the panic in its own special way.


If you’ll excuse me, I’m heading back to the space station, where it’s safe…

or maybe not.

(Via Hot Air.)

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