Ed Driscoll

The Single Do-Over Theory

Given that Senate Democrats have — shocker! — pulled a fast one on Arlen Specter in terms of seniority, the Legal Insurrection blog is suggesting that the senator “Come Back Home.”

And who better than the man who voted Haggis! during the impeachment hearings to declare a mulligan?

Update: Much more likely, “The Junior Senator from Pennsylvania: Arlen Specter should get used to that title.”

More: Found via Don Surber, Jules Crittenden profiles a “Turncoat Pariahed”

If you haven’t been following Jennifer Rubin, Pajamas’ DC editor at her other gig at Commentary, start here, then scroll through this week’s archives — beginning with this post on Monday, she’s had what’s turned into a running series on “Arlen’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week.”

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