"In The Future, Everyone Will Be A War Criminal For 15 Minutes"

Quote via the Professor, who notes that Harry Truman is on the clock right now for Hiroshima — at least in esteemed presidential historian Jon Stewart’s mind.


Update: More from Jennifer Rubin:

In some sense this is the pathetic state of liberalism today. The Left’s great media star is ready to indict posthumously a lion in the Democratic pantheon of great presidents. The audience hoots in approval. Imagine what JFK or Scoop Jackson (or Lane Kirkland for that matter) would have thought about the state of this liberalism and its adherents who cannot rise to defend their fellow citizens. And Bill Clinton should watch his back — he after all did order the bombing of a factory where innocents were killed.

Read the whole thing. Note that Stewart is applying the same sort of revisionism to our war with Imperial Japan that both Pat Buchanan and PBS (via historian Niall Ferguson) each did last year to America’s fight against Nazi Germany.

For some thoughts on last year’s attacks on WWII, if you’ve never seen it, check out Peter Robinson’s video interview with Victor Davis Hanson and Christopher Hitchens:


[youtube isAu6TteFjI]

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Update (5/1/09 12:40 PM PDT): Hey, it really is only 15 minutes — or in this case, about 15 hours: Jon Stewart apologizes for calling Truman a war criminal. He’s still not too keen on Warren G. Harding, though.

Regarding Stewart, Allahpundit adds:

He could have tried explaining but instead he mugs his way through the whole bit. Which is what he always does when he gets in a jam while playing serious pundit: Clown nose off, clown nose on.


Update: More from Bill Whittle at PJTV: “If all of this is a little morally confusing [to Imperial Japan in 1945], don’t worry, some snarky narcissistic comedian will explain it all to you 64 years from now.”


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