Ed Driscoll

Separation Of Church And Blitz

Tim Graham writes that everything must be politicized, according to the New York Times:

As John Madden retires as one of the most popular “color men” the sportscasting world has even seen, New York Times sports columnist Harvey Araton launched a familiar liberal assault: he wasn’t political enough, he “punted” controversy, he failed to “use a platform for social good” and played it safe so he could make a buck with commercials and video games. This is typical for Araton, last noticed for insisting that Bruce Springsteen “go rogue” and make the “corporate fat cats” squirm by uncorking a socialist jeremiad during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Yes, when politics replaces religion amongst the left, and network television segments ranging from NFL halftime shows to beauty contests have become politically correct zones of thought control, God forbid someone remain aloof from the concept. I have no idea what Madden’s politics are, but whatever they are, I applaud him keeping them separated from football — it’s part of what made him so watchable for almost three decades in the broadcast booth.

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