Ed Driscoll

Don't Know Much About History

Or perhaps, don’t know much at all:  in-between praising  Eminem for his latest video — in which he simulates R-rated activities with an actress impersonating her father’s former running mate, Meghan McCain Tweets (and apparently later deletes, perhaps when called on it):

“I founded mccainblogette.com, which is officially the first blog in history to document a presidential campaign.”

As Jim Geraghty writes — and note the date on the link to a very early post on his original Kerry Spot blog, “Um . . . no. Even if we’re talking just campaign-affiliated, I’m pretty sure it was Dean For America, which started in 2003, but I could be wrong.”

Maybe she started it in 2000, before voting for Gore

Update: Tabitha Hale asks, “The Meghan McCain GOP. Why are we so scared to let them die?”

Update: “Oooh, Meghan McCain’s kinda touchy about her resume – and got it wrong.”