Ed Driscoll

One Sheet To The Wind

Ken Sheppard of Newsbusters spots a rare admission from the legacy media: “WaPo Notes Some D.C. Locals Driving Loved Ones Batty with Eco-nuttiness“:

NBC News has had its over-the-top Green Week and ABC has seriously chronicled the ludicrous exploits of “No Impact Man” and a Los Angeles man who composts his own garbage in his basement.

But rarely if ever do the mainstream media present green enthusiasts as, to put this delicately, difficult people with whom to live under the same roof.

So on behalf of NewsBusters, here’s kudos to the Washington Posts’s David Fahrenthold, for today’s front-pager, “D.C. Area Families Take Green to the Extreme,” in which he documents, among others, a man who harangues his sister to bathe with a bucket to catch the shower water for reuse for laundry loads:

Here’s the quote in question:

“The American way of life, as we’ve come to know it, just uses — wastes — too many resources,” said Sat Jiwan Iklé-Khalsa, 31, a green-building consultant who lives in Takoma Park. Iklé-Khalsa said he wants his home, where he lives with his wife, his 2-year-old daughter and his sister, to be an example to others that “you can have a pretty normal and happy life by making these small changes.”

“I drew the line at keeping a bucket in my shower,” said his sister, Ava Khalsa, who lives in an apartment in the basement. She was refusing her brother’s idea to keep a five-gallon bucket in the shower to catch the water that bounces off her and then use it to do the laundry. “He was like, ‘It’s simple.’ And I was like, ‘No. I’m just not doing it.’ “

You just know this guy has every Sheryl Crow record.

Related: in “Soap Opera”, David Aikman explains “How and why Americans got so clean”; just one of the many elements of society that environmentally correct reprimitivization is attempting to roll back.