Ed Driscoll

Breeze It, Buzz It, Easy Does It -- Just Play It Cool, Boy

Janeane Garofalo in February of 2003:

Comedienne-turned-peace-activist Janeane Garofalo offered a stunning admission on Sunday, explaining that she and her fellow anti-war protesters didn’t stage huge demonstrations when President Clinton launched attacks on Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan and the Sudan because “it wasn’t very hip” to protest the former president.

Asked by “Fox News Sunday’s” Tony Snow why peace protesters like herself didn’t object to Clinton’s wars, Garofalo explained:

“I absolutely did. I did not support Operation Desert Fox. It’s just that you didn’t know me very well back then. Nobody really was interested in listening to me back then.”

Then she added, by way of explaining why the anti-Clinton protests never gelled, “It wasn’t very hip.”

And for eight years, suddenly! miraculously! it was. (Aside from a brief, and far from universally observed interregnum, which as Charles Krauthammer noted, exploded like a pressure cooker popping, beginning in 2003.)

And as the lyrics from West Side Story suggest, (or maybe Iowahwk’s “It Could Happen Here”), it’s time to play it cool, once again: Axelrod: Anti-Americanism now ‘not cool'”

Go figure.