Ed Driscoll

Slight Exaggerations Spotted At Competing Newsweeklies

Well, they’re not really newsweeklies anymore of course; given that the speed of the Internet renders the idea of the six p.m. TV news anathema, let alone a weekly print news magazine. Which is why Time and Newsweek are now competing opinion magazines. And brother, have they got some opinions!

According to Newsweek, it’s “The End of Christian America.”

Even so, praying might not be a bad idea right about now, as we’re all doomed according to Time, which, in its attempt to outgloom its major competitor for prime dentist office waiting room real estate, screams that we’ve arrived at “The New Age of Extinction”!

Of course it is. Mainly for antediluvian print magazines long past the prime who are eager to pass their fears of institutional survival along to their remaining readers.

The latter headline found via Tim Blair, who writes:

Time‘s editors would once have cut this sort of demented exaggeration. I know; I used to work there. But quality editing is, as Walsh might say, endangered and dwindling fast. Oddly, this runs parallel to magazine sales.

Indeed™, as they like to say in its successor medium.